Relational Sociology: Transatlantic Impulses for the Social Sciences

International Symposium, Berlin, September 25/26, 2008


Relational Sociology

Harrison White




Program (as of September 12):

Thursday, September 25:
9 amRegistration
9.30 amJan Fuhse (Universitaet Stuttgart) / Sophie Muetzel (Humboldt Universitaet, Berlin): Introduction
10 amDirk Baecker (Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen): "Systems, Network, and Culture" (exposé updated)
10.45 amcoffee break
11.15 amBoris Holzer (Universitaet Luzern): "Networks out of Systems"
12 pmlunch break
2 pmAthanasios Karafillidis (RWTH Aachen): "Networks and Boundaries"
2.45 pmStephan Fuchs (University of Virginia): "The Behavior of Cultural Networks"
3.30 pmcoffee break
4 pmRoger Haeussling (Universitaet Karlsruhe): "Microsociological Perspectives on Identity Formation"
4.45 pmAnn Mische (Rutgers University): "Culture, Networks, and Interaction in Social Movement Publics"
7 pmdinner for presenters and participants

Friday, September 26:
9 amChristian Stegbauer (Universitaet Frankfurt): "Wikipedia as an organization and the formation of structure by limitations and competition"
9.45 amPatrik Aspers (Stockholm University): "Identity and Order in Aesthetic Markets"
10.30 amcoffee break
11 amSophie Muetzel (Humboldt Universitaet, Berlin): "Markets and Stories"
11.45 amRainer Diaz-Bone (Universitaet Trier): "Quality Conventions as Structuring Principles in Markets
12.30 pmlunch break
2 pmJan Fuhse (Universitaet Stuttgart): "Towards a Relational Sociology of Inequality"
2.45 pmJohn Levi Martin (University of Chicago): "What Can 50 Years of Network Analysis Tell Us about Where Big Structures Come From?"
3.30 pmcoffee break
4 pmHarrison White (Columbia University, New York): "Meaning Emerges in Relation Dynamics"
5 pmend of the symposium

Unfortunately, Ronald Breiger (University of Arizona) had to cancel his participation. However, please have a look at the exposé of his contribution "Dualities of Culture and Structure" since it provides an excellent overview on some of the topics of the symposium.